Breakthrough Cancer Treatment
Affordable and Effective Cancer Treatment

Affordable Effective Cancer Treatment with No Severe Side Effect

This new cancer treatment is very effective, very affordable, and without severe side effects. The results are so good that even incurable cancers, and cancers that have failed every cancer treatment available currently, respond well to this treatment. It is called: HI-C-LO-CHEMO, short for High Dose Vitamin C and Low dose Chemotherapy.

The essentials of this new cancer treatment are as follows:

ONE: Pre-chemotherapy sensitizing of cancer cells is first carried out using High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C.

TWO: Chemotherapy follows immediately the administration of High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C. The results are so good that the dose of chemotherapy drugs can be lowered to about 20% to 30% of the usual dose, to eliminate severe side effects usually associated with chemotherapy, and the results are still very good. A combination of 3 to 5 chemotherapy drugs is chosen, for synergetic effect. Only cheap old generic chemotherapy drugs are used, making this treatment very affordable. Expensive chemotherapy/immunotherapy/targeted drugs are not used, as well as inhibitors and monoclonal antibodies.

THREE: PET/CT is used to compare results before and after treatment, as it is extremely sensitive, and can see the activity of cancer cells very accurately. It can detect differences in cancer activity only one week after just one treatment. Thus, treatment can be changed very quickly if it is not working well. PET/CT can tell if there is still any active cancer cell present after treatment, and it can very accurately confirm complete remission of cancer, or cancer recurrence. It is always a whole-body scan.

Pre-chemotherapy sensitizing of cancer cells is a revolutionary new concept in cancer treatment. Chemotherapy alone is less than 50% effective, and the severe side effects associated with it deter many cancer patients from using it. With pre-chemotherapy sensitizing of cancer cells, the success rate of chemotherapy is practically 100%, including incurable cancers and cancers that have failed all presently available cancer treatment. It is still very effective when the dose of chemotherapy drugs is lowered to eliminate severe side effects. This incredible success rate of the new concept in cancer treatment should make all oncologists in the world willing to use it, especially when it is also very affordable, and without the dreaded severe side effects.

[However, just like with conventional chemotherapy and other drug treatment, cancer cells can mutate and become resistant to treatment, and we see this in about one third of cases we treated. We are trying to overcome resistance with (1) change of chemotherapy drugs, (2) addition of other sensitising agents to the vitamin C solution, (3) partial radiotherapy.] As we treat more and more cases, the problem of resistance is becoming significant, even though the initial positive response to treatment remains at almost 100%.

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