About Austral-Euro Diagnosis
Affordable and Effective Cancer Treatment

Austral-Euro Diagnosis was set up about 8 years ago by Dr Raymond Ngeh to offer cheap PET/CT to cancer patients and to people with suspicion of cancer. PET/CT is so useful, as it is the latest and most accurate medical imaging technique for the diagnosis of cancer, much better than CT and MRI, but it is extremely expensive, costing around RM7,000 (about US$1,750) and affordable only to the rich. Today, he has attained his objective in offering very affordable PET/CT, as low as RM1,000 (about US$250), the cheapest in the world for a private centre, but it is only available in Malaysia, while the price for PET/CT is still very high in other countries. One day, he hopes to be able to do the same for other countries.

Dr Raymond Ngeh was able to use his cheap PET/CT to develop a new cancer treatment that is very effective, very affordable, and without severe side effects. He got the idea from a colleague working next door, Dr Robert Luk, that sensitizing cancer cells first before chemotherapy would make the cancer cells become more susceptible to chemotherapy to be given immediately after, and that a good sensitizing agent would be vitamin C. Based on these information, he perfected a protocol that would finally give very good results: incurable cancers and cancers that are resistant to every cancer treatment available currently, all responded well to the treatment.

Dr Ngeh is not interested in making a lot of money. He wants the new cancer treatment to be used freely by all doctors to help all the cancer patients in the world, and to charge very affordable rates for the treatment.

Through this website, Dr Ngeh hopes that as many doctors as possible will use the new cancer treatment to help their cancer patients. If doctors need training or advice in using this treatment, they are most welcome to contact Dr Ngeh, who will provide all assistance needed, free of charge.